Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Superior.

What is Superior Prediction?

Superior Prediction stands for sports predictions powered by giant algorythm and artificial intelligence combined with deep learning. It means each prediction is more accurate than the last.

Does Superior offer fixed matches?

No. Superior is about big algorythms and machine learning.

What Superior offers?

Superior offers sports predictions, analyzes, statistics and blog, latests news about sports.

What is Virtual Bank?
Virtual Bank is a demo bank based on real information.
Bank is initially set to 100% every first day of the month. Algorithm consumes Superior Predictions and bets 3% on each single bet.
At each moment there will be a maximum of 12 past months, including the current month, so win/loss ratio will always be transparent.
Green light means virtual profit. Red light means virtual loss.
‘No Bets’ fields mean there were no good enough predictions for the day or there are no matches at all.
Virtual Bank is for demo purposes only.
Is Superior free to use?

Yes! Superior will always have free content. Blog will always be free. Predictions may be charged for the VIP group.

When are the predictions published?

Predictions are published at 15 minutes after midnight in the UTC time zone.

Where can I see your predictions?

You can see the predictions on our website Predictions, telegram or on social networks.