Jurgen Klopp: Liverpool manager says some colleagues believed he would be banned from touchline for more than one match

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Jurgen Klopp will serve a one-game touchline ban in Liverpool’s game with Aston Villa on Saturday; Klopp admitted some of his colleagues expected to him to be banned for more games; the German will watch from the stands but is allowed to be in contact with his bench

Jurgen Klopp admits he expected more than a one-game touchline ban for comments about referee Paul Tierney and has questioned “where the money goes” after also being fined £75,000.

The German manager was handed the ban for Saturday’s game with Aston Villa after saying Tierney “has something against us” in the aftermath of Liverpool’s 4-3 win over Tottenham last month.

Klopp also received a further one-game touchline ban suspended until the end of next season on the condition that he does not reoffend.

The Liverpool boss has already served a touchline ban this season in November, when he watched from the stands against Southampton after receiving a red card against Manchester City.

Responding to his latest suspension, Klopp said in his pre-match press conference ahead of the Aston Villa game: “I expected a punishment with all the things we know and could hear.

“I would like to know, as always, where the (fine) money goes. If it’s for a good cause then I’m more than happy to pay it; if not, (and) the FA keeps it then we have to talk again and I think it’s a bit harsh.

Klopp will watch the Aston Villa game from the Anfield stands

“But apart from that, people around me were pretty negative. They thought it would be longer!

“It’s one game, it’s like the Southampton game, it will be the same process. I can watch the game from a better position and be in contact with my coaches.”

Klopp will watch the Aston Villa game from the stands and be in contact to the bench via a phone to Vitor Matos, one of his backroom staff.

However, the Liverpool manager joked his voice can still reach his players from a far away distance if they don’t track back.

Asked what the differences are between managing from the touchline and the stands, Klopp replied: “Nobody will shout like me if they don’t track back in the 70th minute and these kind of things. I sit far away but if the game is not good, I could make it happen. My voice is alright at least.”

Speaking more seriously, Klopp then said: “Not a lot. I’m really in contact with Vito, he will have to phone with the headset.

“We can talk everything, substitutions these kind of things. [Assistant manager] Pep [Ljinders] is an incredible coach and he will be out there.

“I have said from a watching point of view, it’s a much better position. In the Southampton game, it was super helpful. I will sit next to our analysts, they get a bit of support from me.”

Klopp on four exits: ‘They’re Liverpool legends’

Klopp will also be allowed on the Anfield pitch after the game, where Liverpool will say goodbye to four players after taking part in their last home game for the club.

The Merseyside club announced this week that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, James Milner and Naby Keita will join Roberto Firmino in leaving the club at the end of their contracts.

“This game is difficult for different reasons,” Klopp added. “We spoke with the boys this week about it. It’s super important for us and super emotional. We really say goodbye to – my point of view – four Liverpool legends. Because two of them were here when I arrived, Milly and Bobby – nothing good in the last few years would have happened without them.

“Naby and Ox came in, I’m pretty sure Ox was just unlucky in injuries and bad moments. I remember the game against Rome when he was badly injured, I didn’t know how to deal with it because he was irreplaceable in that moment, he was that good. That was really hard but besides that a fantastic guy, and support important for the team over that period.

“When people talk about Naby, it’s the same with too many injuries. When you look back at important games, you will see how often he played and performed in super important games. All four won pretty much every available trophy.

“We love them, but it’s professional football and nothing is forever and for eternity. There are always those moments, they are good moments. One chapter will be closed and we will start writing a new one. We will not forget them and I will be forever thankful to them.”


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