Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand on course to sell record 1.5m tickets with 100 days to go

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The ladies‘s global Cup takes vicinity in Australia and New Zealand on July 20 for a month; England and the Republic of eire will both be part of the first ladies‘s match to feature 32 groups; FIFA hope greater than a hundred,000 enthusiasts will attend the opening day in total

England react during penalty shootout against Brazil in the Women's Finalissima

England will be at the ladies‘s world Cup in Australia and New Zealand along side the Republic of eire

record 1.5m tickets are on direction to be sold for the 2023 ladies‘s international Cup which starts offevolved in 100 days, organisers say.

around 650,000 tickets were sold for the event in Australia and New Zealand which starts offevolved on July 20 with the final taking vicinity on August 20 in Sydney on the Accor Stadium.

England and the Republic of eire will both be a part of the primary ladies‘s international Cup to characteristic 32 groups with organisers predicting the occasion will appeal to a international tv target audience of billion visitors.

FIFA desire greater than 100,000 lovers will attend the match‘s establishing day in overall whilst New Zealand tackle Norway at the 50,000-potential Eden Park in Auckland and Australia face the Republic of eire at the 83,500-capability Stadium Australia in Sydney.

The remaining section of price ticket income has just began because the countdown starts offevolved to every other landmark moment for the women‘s recreation.

demand for tickets has already been excessive after Australia’s commencing in shapedue to be played at Sydney football Stadium, which holds 45,500, become moved to a bigger venue to allow for a larger crowd.

nearly half of innercity teenage girls (forty six in line with cent) are looking extra soccer considering that ultimate year‘s women‘s Euros, however most of the people nonetheless can’t name a cutting-edge England Lioness, according to a new record.

just over a quarter (26 according to cent) stated they watch girls‘s soccer at least once every weekbut no matter England’s ancient win closing summer timenearly two in 3 teenage girls (63 in step with cent) are unable to call any of the present day soccer groupin keeping with the football beyond Borders and adolescents beyond Borders record.

One in four women nonetheless never watch girls‘s footballdespite fifty six in step with cent of these polled confirming they had watched at least one healthy in the course of the UEFA women‘s Euros in England.

less than a fifth (17 according to cent) are a part of a clubin step with the survey of 650 teenage ladies, of which 70 in step with cent are based totally in internal towns.

The file located that 67 consistent with cent of teenage women do not comply with any ladies‘s football players on social media, at the same time as sixty nine according to cent have not purchased some thing football associated because the Euros. It additionally found out that half of youth ladies who don’t currently play soccer video video games are interested in playing them.

July 20

Group A: New Zealand vs Norway (8am)
Group B: Australia vs Republic of Ireland (11am)

July 21

Group B: Nigeria vs Canada (3.30am)
Group A: Philippines vs Switzlerland (6am)
Group C: Spain vs Costa Rica (8.30am)

July 22

Group E: USA vs Vietnam (2am)
Group C: Zambia vs Japan (8am)
Group D: England vs Haiti (10.30am)
Group D: Denmark vs China (1pm)

July 23

Group G: Sweden vs South Africa (6am)
Group E: Netherlands vs Portugal (8.30am)
Group F: France vs Jamaica (11am)

July 24

Group G: Italy vs Argentina (7am)
Group H: Germany vs Morocco (9.30am)
Group F: Brazil vs Panama (12pm)

July 25

Group H: Colombia vs South Korea (3am)
Group A: New Zealand vs Philippines (6.30am)
Group A: Switzerland vs Norway (9am)

July 26

Group C: Japan vs Costa Rica (6am)
Group C: Spain vs Zambia (8.30am)
Group B: Canada vs Republic of Ireland (1pm)

July 27

Group E: USA vs Netherlands (2am)
Group E: Portugal vs Vietnam (8.30am)
Group B: Australia vs Nigeria (11am)

July 28

Group G: Argentina vs South Africa (1am)
Group D: England vs Denmark (9.30am)
Group D: China vs Haiti (12pm)

July 29

Group G: Sweden vs Italy (8.30am)
Group F: France vs Brazil (11am)
Group F: Panama vs Jamaica (1.30pm)

July 30

Group H: South Korea vs Morocco (5.30am)
Group H: Germany vs Colombia (10.30am)
Group A: Norway vs Philippines (8am)
Group A: Switzerland vs New Zealand (8am)

July 31

Group C: Japan vs Spain (8am)
Group C: Costa Rica vs Zambia (8am)
Group B: Republic of Ireland vs Nigeria (11am)
Group B: Canada vs Australia (11am)

August 1

Group E: Vietnam vs Netherlands (8am)
Group E: Portugal vs USA (8am)
Group D: China vs England (12pm)
Group D: Haiti vs Denmark (12pm)

August 2

Group G: Argentina vs Sweden (8am)
Group G: South Africa vs Italy (8am)
Group F: Panama vs France (11am)
Group F: Jamaica vs Brazil (11am)

August 3

Group H: Morocco vs Colombia (11am)
Group H: South Korea vs Germany (11am)

Round of 16

August 5

Group A winner vs Group C runner-up (5am)
Group C winner vs Group A runner-up (8am)

August 6

Group E winner vs Group G runner-up (3am)
Group G winner vs Group E runner-up (10am)

August 7

Group B winner vs Group D runner-up (11.30am)
Group D winner vs Group B runner-up (8.30am)

August 8

Group H winner vs Group F runner-up (9am)
Group F winner vs Group H runner-up (12pm)


August 11

QF1: Group A winner/Group C runner-up vs Group E winner/Group G runner-up (2am)
QF2: Group C winner/Group A runner-up vs Group G winner/Group E runner-up (8.30am)

August 12

QF3: Group B winner/Group D runner-up vs Group F winner/Group H runner-up (8am)
QF4: Group D winner/Group B runner-up vs Group H winner/Group F runner-up (11.30am)


August 15

SF1: Winner of Quarter Final 1 vs Winner of Quarter Final 2 (8am)

August 16

SF2: Winner of Quarter Final 3 vs Winner of Quarter Final 4 (11am)

Third Place Match

August 19

Loser of Semi-final 1 vs Loser of Semi-final 2 (9am)


August 20

Winner of Semi-final 1 vs Winner of Semi-final 2 (11am)


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